Frequently Asked Questions

Already own a Smart Edition Media book?

Where can I access my online resources?

When you visit our website, click on the "Register Book" tab at the top of the page and select your book title to begin accessing your online resources.  

Why is the practice test portal asking for my email?

The purchase of your book gives you access to corresponding resources. The practice test page will prompt you for an email so that will receive your full score report upon completion of the test.

I'm having trouble viewing my online resources.

There are a number of reasons you could be having technical difficulty, but many of our users find that their device settings are causing the problem.

See if your setting preferences match up to the necessary options here, or click the help button on your resource page.

If you continue to experience issues beyond our help page, filling out the form below can help us, help you faster! Otherwise, feel free to email or chat us.

Online Resources Help Form

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Is this a typo in my book? Is this even a real company?

At Smart Edition Media, we are working hard to provide the best materials to our learners. While we can guarantee that our content comes from real-life educational and testing experts, we are only human.

If you spot a potential error in your book, fill out the form below so that we can determine if the content we are providing makes sense to you.

Potential Error Help Form

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Don't have a Smart Edition Media book?

There are so many study guides for my test. How do I know Smart Edition is right for me?

It's in our mission statement:

"We believe in challenging the status quo in everything we do."

Our team thinks differently about test prep materials in order to design the tools you need. Our books are crafted to give you the most comprehensive review and provide the best practice tests that will prepare you for your test.

If you are still unsure, follow the Study Guides product page to view a sample of our book and corresponding resources for your exam.

If I buy the e-book version, can I also get a print copy of my book?

If you want the option of switching between formats, we recommend purchasing a traditional book which will also provide you access to an e-book version.

Should I buy the study guide and the workbook available for my test?

It depends!

Our team crafted the complete study guides to provide learners with the best test prep possible. Each guide was made to contain a diagnostic exam and small quizzes following every lesson to track progress and ensure their understanding of material. These lessons are used as reference points for every question in the additional exams created which give the most practice for our users.

While every study guide comes with a comprehensive review, the workbooks were specifically designed to provide more practice test experience. The workbooks are exam only, but every question still contains a reference to a lesson within the complete study guide in case a question has still left you wondering.

If you are still unsure, feel free to email us for more details or to get our personal advice to you!

I already bought another study guide, but I need more practice questions and tests. Can I purchase your practice tests and other resources separately?

Follow our "Study Guides" product page to see if we offer a workbook for the test you are prepping for. Our workbooks provide access to our online resources and realistic questions in the most accurate format of your test.

If we do not offer a workbook for your test, we unfortunately do not have an option to purchase our resources only at this time, but feel free to email us the recommendation so that we can provide the best materials to test takers just like you.

Other FAQs

Looking for tutorials?

We are too!

We understand that many students need additional help or alternative lesson plans for their comprehension. Our team is working hard to put together the video tutorials you are seeking in order to assist your studying.