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HESI A2 Grammar Video Lessons

Chapter 5 Conventions of Standard English

Lesson 5.1 Spelling

Lesson 5.2 Capitalization

Lesson 5.3 Punctuation 


Chapter 6: Parts of Speech

Lesson 6.1 Nouns

Lesson 6.2 Pronouns

Lesson 6.3 Part I Adjectives

Lesson 6.3 Part II Adverbs

Lesson 6.4 Conjunctions and Prepositions 

Lesson 6.5 Part I Verbs and Verb Tenses Part 1

Lesson 6.5 Part II Verbs and Verb Tenses Part 2


Chapter 7 Knowledge of Language

Lesson 7.1 Subject and Verb Agreement

Lesson 7.2 Types of Sentences

Lesson 7.3 Types of Clauses