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Your Score

You will receive a report once you complete your practice test. Our practice tests are developed to be scored the same way the actual ATI TEAS 6 is scored. Your score should give you an accurate idea of how well prepared you are for the exam.

Your Result

You will also receive results by subject. This will allow you to identify which topic areas within each subject you answered correctly or incorrectly. You can use these results to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and guide your studying going forward. Each topic relates to a lesson in the Smart Edition ATI TEAS 6 Study Guide.

Reference the full study guide to master the material and get accepted to your nursing school program.

Your Answers

Your individual report provides you with a full explanation of why the correct answer is correct. Each answer explanation will reference the lesson within the Smart Edition ATI TEAS 6 full study guide, where you can review the specific topic further.

Make sure to either print your results or use the "print report" button to save the report as a PDF for future review and studying.