HESI A2 Test Breakdown

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HESI A2 Exam Breakdown

HESI Admissions Assessment Exam or HESI A2, is an exam that is often selected by nursing schools/programs during the application process, and is required for admission. The test is taken by prospective students in order to assess the skills and abilities of the applicants in area such as English, math, and science. There are other similar, yet different tests, that may be required by your nursing program of choice. Be sure to contact your school for exact exam requirements.

Ideally, the reasoning behind taking these entrance exams is to determine how a student is likely to perform in nursing school, based on how well they perform on the test. Studies have also shown that the entrance exam results are linked to how well a student will perform during their first year in nursing school, as well as measure their outcome for success and completion of the nursing program. These tests also act as a preparation for the Registered Nurse licensure exam, the NCLEX, after graduation. The HESI specifically aims to prep students for taking the NCLEX exam.

The HESI exam is slightly different in structure compared to other nursing exams. Prior to beginning your application process, contact you nursing school of choice to identify which test is needed. If HESI is the exam of choice, make sure you find out which subjects you need to be tested on. This will be essentially helpful when studying and preparing for the exam. There are a total of 10 versions of the test that can be taken. Also, since every school utilizes the HESI differently, score requirements will also vary.


HESI A2 Basics

Test dates:

  • The test may be offered every few weeks.
  • Check with you nursing school/program on when/if they administer the test

How to register for the HESI exam:

  • Go to the EVOLVE main website and choose I’m a Student
  • Choose Register for Distance Testing → Register → Redeem/Checkout
  • You will then make an Evolve account, read registered user agreement, Choose Yes, I accept, SUBMIT
  • Once you have registered, you will be able to access My Content under the HESI Assessment Student Access link
  • Select Payments: Here you will be able to choose test date and location
  • Follow the prompts and Proceed to Checkout

Price: $35-70

  • Cost will vary amongst the school/testing center administering the test

Where do I take the test?:

  • The test is administered by many nursing schools or community colleges.
  • May be able to take it at a testing center
  • Check with your school/program of choice for available dates and locations
  • Many schools/programs will offer the test in accordance to the application due dates.

How long is the test?:

  • The time of the test will vary based on how many sections you are required to take.
  • 4 hours is the allotted time for the entire test
  • Must be completed in one testing session
  • Arrive 30 minutes early to allow for check-in

What subjects are on the test?:

  • Test subjects and admission criteria will vary amongst programs. Check with your nursing school/program about which section they require.
  • Test subjects may include: Math, Vocabulary and general knowledge, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology
  • Your school may also require a Learning Style/Personality Profile exam

How many questions are on the test?:

  • This will vary according to test subjects required

How long does it take to get the test score?:

  • You will receive your score immediately once you have completed the exam

What if I fail the test?:

  • You may be able to retake the test, however the test is only offered.
  • Check with your program/school for their requirements on retesting
  • There may be a waiting period for retaking the test

How long are scores valid?:

  • Check with your nursing program for this information

What to bring/not bring to the test?


  • Government Issued Photo ID (Drivers license, Passport, Green card)
  • Receipt of payment of the test OR payment for test (if not paid for in advance)
  • Login information (Username and Password)

Do not bring

  • Books or study material
  • Calculator (one will be provided to you)
  • Electronics of any kind (i.e. cell/smart phone, digital/smart watches, beepers/pagers, tablet)
  • Food or Drink