Interview Q&A With a Student Studying For The ATI TEAS 6

October 10, 2018 0 Comments

Interested in learning how other students are preparing for the ATI TEAS 6 exam?

This interview dives into how one student is approaching the test

What has your journey been like so far?:

I am currently planning to apply to a nursing school program for Fall 2019 enrollment. I have a Bachelor’s degree in another field already, so I will be going into an accelerated nursing program. In order to complete and submit my application, I need to take the TEAS test. Since I have some time, I took the time to gather all the necessary information prior to registering for the test. More importantly, I needed to know what score I needed to ensure I would be considered for enrollment and how many times I can take the TEAS.

Initially, I really wanted to take it twice, first to get an idea of how the test is, and then a second time, if my score was not as high as I’d like it to be. Unfortunately, my school of choice only accepts one score, the first score, so I need to get it right the first time. I am now registered to take the TEAS in about 5 weeks and have been studying daily.

What are you doing to prepare to take the TEAS?:

In order to prepare for the TEAS exam, I researched the exam to find out all the subjects and topics that would be on the test. It has been a little bit of time since I took a math and science class, so I want to be sure I study the appropriate material.

In addition, I mapped out how many days/weeks I had until I took the test, planned out my days/weekends around work to make room for adequate study time, which has been about 2 hours every 1-2 days. I also purchased the Smart Edition TEAS test prep book and have been taking a lot of practice tests online, I reccomend to use a study guide with at least 5 practice tests.

As I go through all the material and subjects, I find that there are a lot of things that I remember. I’m hoping the test day goes smoothly after all this studying!

"I mapped out how many days/weeks I had until I took the test, planned out my days/weekends around work to make room for adequate study time, which has been about 2 hours every 1-2 days."

Buy any test prep books? Which ones? Helpful?

Purchasing a test prep book was one of the first things that I did. I figured they are designed for this test specifically, you can’t go wrong right?

There are several TEAS test prep books on the market, and after doing some research of reviews, prices, etc., I decided to buy the Smart Edition Media ATI TEAS 6 test prep book. I really liked what the company has to offer. The price was right and they provide a lot of sample tests and helpful tips for the exam. Smart Edition really seems to understand the student, and more specifically the student studying for the TEAS exam.

How much do you study?

When I first started studying, I had about 2 months to prepare for the exam. I now have about 5 weeks. Initially, I have been studying for ~2 hours every 1-2 days. But, once I hit the 4 week mark, I am going to aim for 2 hours everyday. I am really anxious and want to be super prepared for the test. Maybe even over prepared, I am learning things I never even knew before!

When are you taking the test? When did you sign up?

I have been very organized during this entire process and signed up for the test giving me about 2 months to prepare. I now have 5 weeks!

After the test, if you pass, what are your next steps?

I just need to complete my application. There are a few more steps that I need to complete, and wanted to wait until I finished the exam to move onto those other steps. Wish me luck!!

What type of nursing program are you looking for?

An accelerated BSN nursing program because I already have a Bachelor's degree in another field. I have been in the workforce for several years and I have found that I am not using my initial degree, so I have decided to change careers.