ATI TEAS 6 Test Breakdown

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ATI TEAS 6 Nursing Exam Breakdown: The Test of Essential Academic Skills

TEAS is a national recognized pre-admissions test for nursing students, administered by Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). The TEAS exam is a 209 minute, standardized, timed computer-based exam. Consisting of 170 multiple-choice questions with four-option answers, in four separate timed sections in reading, English and language usage, math and science. The exam is administered in a standardized environment and is overseen by a proctor.

The TEAS exam is required in order to apply for a nursing or allied health professional program. The test has been proven to be a statistically significant predictor of early nursing program success. Programs utilize the test and scores to recognize which students need extra attention and which ones are not a good fit for the program. All schools and programs vary on test result requirements. It is important to recognize what your school/program is looking for prior to preparing and taking the test.


TEAS Basics

Test dates:

  • The test is offered several dates each month throughout the year. Search is available by city and state via the website below
  • If you are taking the TEAS via a testing center: Access the PSI testing center selection website for your location.
  • During registration, you will be able to choose date and location.
  • During registration, you will be able to choose testing center of choice (school or PSI testing center) See “Where do I take the test” below.
  • PSI Testing Centers by City/State

How to register for the TEAS exam:

  • First, contact the school which you are applying. Some schools may handle administering the test, and others will utilize a PSI testing center.
  • Since the test is provided by ATI, you will need to access the ATI website prior to the exam and Make a Student Account

  • Click on the Secure Sign On link on the right of the page. Under the login field you should click on the create an account link to get started.

  • Once you have created an account, locate the Online Store on the ATI website and enter your login information.

  • In the Online Store, choose Register for the TEAS. You will have the option to choose either “Register through a school” or “Register through a PSI (testing center)”.

  • Register and pay the testing fee. A confirmation email will be sent.

Price: $50-80

  • Official fees should be confirmed with the official exam authorities.

  • There are several fees that go into the total fee:

    • Registration fee

    • Score deployment fee (having scores sent to School/program of choice)

    • Test center fee (if applicable). May vary with testing center and/or program.

  • The fee is non-refundable

  • How long is the test?: 209 minutes

  • What subjects are on the test?: Math, Science, Reading and English

  • How many questions are on the test?: 170

  • Where do I take the test?:

    • Two options

      • PSI Testing center

      • University (which you are applying)

    • Once you begin registration for the TEAS exam, a list of schools that administer the TEAS exam will be provided. You will be able to choose based on city and state.

  • How long does it take to get the test score?: Scores are provided immediately upon completion of the exam

  • What to bring/not bring to the test?

    • Bring:

      • Photo ID

      • 2 sharpened #2 pencils with attached erasers

      • ATI login information (You will need to create a student account prior to test day and bring login information with you.)

    • Do not bring

      • Extra clothing/accessories (i.e. hats, scarves, sunglasses, jackets)

        • Discretionary allowances are made for religious apparel

        • All apparel is subject to search by the test proctor

      • Personal Items (i.e. purses, computers, backpacks)

      • Electronics of any kind (i.e. cell/smart phone, digital/smart watches, beepers/pagers)

      • Food or Drink (unless medically necessary)