ACCUPLACER Test Breakdown - Everything You Need To Know

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ACCUPLACER Test Breakdown - Everything You Need To Know

ACCUPLACER Exam Breakdown

ACCUPLACER is an exam offered by College Board and is accepted by many 2-year colleges and technical schools throughout the United States. The exam is a computer based, computer-adaptive assessment exam, designed to determine student academic skills in reading, writing, and math. The exam consists of 12-40 multiple-choice questions with no time limit. There are no passing or failing grades for the Accuplacer. How well a student performs on the test will identify the student’s academic skill. Colleges will determine whether or not the student has the appropriate academic skill for admission based on how they perform.

ACCUPLACER has been active for over 30 years and has been dedicated to supporting students with a variety of backgrounds and goals. The ACCUPLACER is an ideal exam for students hoping to enter traditional two-year colleges and career/technical schools. In addition, ACCUPLACER offers English as a Second Language (ESL) in reading, language usage, listening, and writing in order to support future college placement for ESL students.

An additional use of the ACCUPLACER is for academic advisors working with highschool students. How a student performs on the exam will help the advisors determine if a student will be more adapt and ready for college-level courses, or if they should rather take transisional/developmental courses before enrolling into their program of choice.

Be sure to contact your school of choice to determine is ACCUPLACER is accepted.


Test dates:

  • Contact the school which you will be attending for test dates and locations

How to register for the ACCUPLACER:

Price: $15-$50

Cost will be determined by school administering the test

How long is the test?:

  • There is no time limit
  • Generally takes about 45-90 minutes to complete

What subjects are on the test?:

  • Reading
  • Writing

  • Math

How many questions are on the test?:

  • 12-40 questions

Where do I take the test?:

  • At the college where you will be enrolled
  • Contact your school about test dates and locations

How long does it take to get the test score?:

Score reports are available immediately upon finishing the exam.

What to bring/not bring to the test?


  • Valid, government issued ID

  • Know or bring Social Security number

  • Receipt of payment for the test

Do Not Bring

Calculator, one will be provided to you for use on some questions