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Introducing: Scholarship Strategies
Meet Jean O'Toole

Are you on a scholarship money mission? Jean O'Toole specializes in empowering young people and their families to take a unique approach to the outside scholarship search.

Smart Edition Media is proud to be partnered with Jean O'Toole: Scholarship Strategist, Speaker and Author specializing in empowering young people and their families to take a unique approach to the outside scholarship search. Thousands of students have attended her programs and tens of thousands of dollars have been awarded to students using the scholarship strategies in her book.

For her full bio and for more information about her scholarship advice, click here.


Melissa Scott

Melissa is a graduate of the Nurse Practioner program at NorthEastern University in Boston. She specializes in pediatric nursing while supervising our nursing content and is super awesome!

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Moving Forward: The Journey to Becoming a Nurse

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Your study environment can affect your concentration, but you can avoid major distractions to maximize your studying. Improve your focus with these tips, tricks, and guided study methods.

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What's on Your Test?

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PSAT 8/9





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Study Greek and Latin Roots

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