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      • 4 Full Practice Tests - 2 in the book + online and 2 additional online only tests

      • Lessons and quizzes for every subject and skill area on the test

      • 500 Realistic Questions

      • Online Flashcards for all subjects

Online Flashcards

Online Practice Tests

The Smart Edition KNAT Study Guide for the Kaplan Nursing Admissions Test was designed to offer significantly more value than any other study manual on the market. We work hard to provide you with the highest quality test prep materials at an affordable price. We sincerely hope we earn your trust to help you prepare for your exam. We want to help you get into your nursing program so you can be the amazing nurse you were born to be!. Don't pay the same or more for a study guide that offers you fewer resources than Smart Edition.

This is the ONLY study guide on the market that contains:
    • 4 full-length practice tests

    • 500 realistic test questions

    • Online flashcards.

Practice Tests

One of the best ways to review for the Kaplan Admission Test exam is to spend as much time as possible practicing test questions. Most study guide options offer 2 exams, maybe 3, but no other study guide offers you 4 full-length practice exams. You will find 2 practice tests in the book and online and an additional 2 online only tests. Our online tests can be taken an unlimited number of times while some competitors only let you take the test once.

    • 2 Practice Tests In The Book

    • All 4 Practice Tests Online

    • Answer explanations broken down by skill within the subject area

    • Easily identify your strengths and weaknesses

    • Tests can be taken an unlimited number of times

    • Full answer explanation to help you review why each answer is correct

Online Flashcards and games

Flashcards are included in your purchase and offer a great way to learn and memorize key terms, vocabulary, and definitions. One of the most difficult subjects to prep for on the TEAS exam is Anatomy and Physiology. We provide you with 300 flashcards on 12 A&P systems, giving you the best possible chance to master this difficult section of the exam. The flashcards also offer games including the memorization game, quiz game, matching game, and the gravity game. It basically makes learning fun so you forget your studying for a major exam for just a few minutes : ) Trust us, you'll like it.

    • 500 Flashcards covering all subjects

    • Over 300 flashcards on Anatomy and Physiology covering 10 A&P systems

Study Content

Smart Edition Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam study guide reviews all subject areas tested on the exam and is designed to be a concise review for everything you will need to know. You will find that our study manual is not page after page of heavy text, rather we break up our content in many ways with images, illustrations, step by step breakdowns, charts, graphs, tables, and tips and tricks.

    • Writing

    • Science

    • Mathematics

    • Reading